When Words are Enough

Sweat pouring out of me like a southern girl running through the sprinklers, I stood in silence under the 120-degree sun-scorched land of Africa. My friend, Zola, and I were waiting for someone to meet us. She was on the phone taking a family call, while I kept a watch for our companion.

I could hear her sorrow as she stood a few feet from me with tears pouring down her beautiful African skin. All the uncomfortableness I was feeling from the heat quickly evaporated as Zola began sharing her news. Her uncle had been diagnosed with cancer or that's what the doctor had told them. His age and unhealthy lifestyle caused years of suffering from diabetes and liver issues. Now the doctors found a mass on his liver that would need to be removed within the week.

I offered to travel with Zola to see her uncle and pray for him, but she insisted it was too far for me to go. She said, "He is a devout Muslim man, who would never allow you to pray for him anyway." Since Zola was also Muslim, I'm not sure if I would even be welcomed in their home as a Christian. Instead, I offered to prepare a meal for her to take to her family to which she agreed.

I cooked for two hours preparing a meal and praying for Zola's uncle. When she arrived to pick it up, her tears turned into a smile at the generous offering. On the top of the bowl was an old, lined piece of notebook paper with the words, "I am praying for you. Psalms 103:3. -Khristina."

Upon returning from her trip, Zola said that her family was overwhelmed by the generosity and her uncle even smiled and read the note I sent him.

One week later on another sun-scorched day came the news that shocked us all. Zola's uncle received news that the tumor was gone. He was convinced that it was my meal and prayers that made the difference.

I've seen God heal a person after God told me to hug them and see Him heal someone by texting them a prayer. I've even prayed for non-believers and seen God heal them. To see God heal a Muslim man from a cancerous tumor who lived 8 hours away was a first for me. We know it wasn't the food that healed him, because I'm not Martha Stewart. It was the spoken word of God and prayers that healed.

Belief. It's a powerful gift. Choose today who you will believe.

Words. There is life and death in the power of the tongue. Choose today how you will use your tongue....to speak the word of God or to speak disease over yourself.

"It is the same with (God's) word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it." - Isaiah 55:11

Thank you, Jesus!

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