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“Ok, let’s turn to Romans 3:23,” I said as Aria sat staring at me. After an awkward silence, she timidly responded, “What is that?”

Aria had agreed to meet me for a one on one bible study, but as our conversation continued, I realized that maybe she didn’t understand what “bible” study really meant. “It’s a scripture in the bible that we are going to read together,” was my response. My heart began to understand as she muttered, “A scaa…rip…tuurre?” I knew what her next words would be…”What is a scaa…rip…turre?” I sat in silence as my mind raced with what to say next. I don’t ever remember being asked this question before this very moment.

Aria soon filled the silence by continuing to ask more questions.

“I’ve always wondered what these little numbers were. What is a book in the Bible?

Are there other books that goes with this one?

What is a chapter and a verse?

What is the Old Testament and New Testament?”

In that moment, I realized in my gospel-rich American raising that I couldn’t remember a time where I didn’t know the basics of the bible. My grandmother took me to church three days after I was born. I learned bible stories growing up in church and received Christ as my Savior at age seven. I have read the bible cover to cover many times. Here sat before me was a woman who had a very different childhood living in a foreign country without Christian churches on every corner. I was both excited and a bit intimidated.

Not only did Aria not know the basics, but she also hadn’t heard about Genesis chapter 1 where God created the earth? Or any of the bible stories like… David & Goliath, Moses & the 10 Commandments, Jonah & the Whale, etc. In the midst of all these questions, I realized that our bibles weren’t even in the same language. This was going to be interesting. The good news was that I knew the author of the book, so He would be able to give me all the answers Aria was asking.

The good news was I knew the author of the book, so He would be able to give me all the answers.

So, at this first meeting we went over the basics of what all the numbers and letters meant in the bible. The second meeting we looked up scriptures that led to the question, “Have you ever received Christ as your Savior?” Aria found every scripture, read it and understood as we discussed it’s meaning. At the end of the second meeting, Aria gave her life to Christ. Her journey to discover the truth and Word of God continued as we met together on a weekly basis.

I have mentored girls and women for three decades, but this time it was different. God walked us both through this discipleship time as we met, prayed, and read the Word together. Aria was so excited every week to meet and even reminded me regularly that she was not missing our bible study together. Her excitement and passion was both refreshing and contagious.

Most of the stories you’ve heard me share are stories of healing. Healing can come in many different forms. For Aria, it was her spirit that received healing from sin. It wasn’t my Christian-ese words, knowledge of bible stories, or likely any word I said since we were reading the bible in two different languages. It was the WORD – Jesus. I am so thankful that God trusted me to share His truth with Aria. She was once living in death, and now she has new life.

Thank you, Jesus!

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