The Silent Disease Destroyed


We all stood in shock of what our eyes had just seen. God healed a woman and made the pain disappear as her legs grew out in front of our eyes. A Chiropractor once told me how patients with lower back pain often have one leg shorter than another and after they make a few adjustments, the shorter leg would be equal to the length of the longer leg again. I guess we know who taught that Chiropractor how to heal because God just made an adjustment in this woman's back.

Jane, myself, and three other ladies couldn't even form the words to speak if we did know what to say. (To read this story, check out The Art of Believing.) Of course, our first thought was, "let's check everyone's legs." I'm laughing now, but we were so serious about getting in on this healing presence of God in the moment.

Jane's awe turned to excitement as she quickly realized if God can make legs grow out, then certainly he can heal this silent disease that had been crippling her for the last 15 years. Doctor's tried to find a cure for her symptoms but eventually gave up. They could not explain the weakness, pain, numbness, sleep deprivation, swelling, and other unexplainable symptoms. Jane could barely sleep at night because the pain and numbness were so severe. She had extreme tension in her neck, which had caused her neck to swell up immensely to form a permanent knot across her shoulders. I tested her strength before we prayed and she was so weak that she couldn't pick up a plate from the table.

Jane was confident that God would heal her if we would pray.

Are you ready for what happened next? 

We checked the length of Jane's legs and her arms. Sure enough, she needed an extreme alignment in her back because her legs and arms were not the same lengths. God was faithful, as we all prayed and one by one watched her arms and legs grew out.

As a matter of fact, her short leg grew out, then her other leg grew out more….then the other one grew out again. Jane got taller that day.

God destroyed this silent disease called Fibromyalgia. He restored strength to Jane's arms and hands. Remember she couldn't even pick up a plate off the table before we prayed? After we prayed, not only could she pick up the plate, but she hurt my hand squeezing it. Jane's husband came running into the room after hearing all the screaming and excitement. When we explained how God had healed her, Jane squeezed his hand and he was shocked at this newfound strength.

For the first time in 15 years, Jane had an entire night's sleep. The swelling in her neck was gone and she felt like a new woman! The next day, I saw her pick up a 5-gallon container of water and carry it to the next room.

Thank you, Jesus!

“Therefore, I say to you; all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you receive them, and they shall be granted to you.” Mark 11:24

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