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The sweet morning smells of flowers and honeysuckle filled the air as the morning dew settled on the tropical trees. It was a beautiful day to enjoy before all the high school students started pouring into the classes. As I stood on the second-floor balcony of the academy building enjoying the peaceful morning, a group of Filipino high school students appeared around the corner from their morning run. Waving and greeting them as they stretched, I noticed my Kiwi friend waving at me to join her and a student as they limped towards the building.

The student, Shay, had collapsed that morning during her run and they wanted me to pray for her before classes began. Shay explained this wasn't the first time she fainted. Since she was 3 years old, she had a lump between her right armpit and chest that had been growing little by little. She lifted her arm to reveal the tumor that now looked to be the size of a golf ball. Pain, tingling, and numbness were only a few of the symptoms she learned to live with since her family could not afford to take her to the doctor.

"After I faint, the entire right side of my body goes numb. It usually happens so fast that I wake up on the ground barely able to walk," Shay said. After confirming that she was experiencing that same numbness at that moment, we decided to pray.

We prayed and nothing happened.

So we prayed again.

The Filipina friend who was praying with me told us God gave her a vision. The vision was Jesus on the cross being crucified. He said "I did this for Shay. She is healed now!"

Shay opened her eyes, reached under her arm where the lump was supposed to be only to find it was gone. Suddenly the feeling on her right side began to return spanning from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. Shay could stand on her own now after the numbness left her body. Except she didn't stand for long before she began jumping up and down praising God. Then she fell to her knees and began weeping uncontrollably worshiping the God who just healed her.

Shay didn't have money to go to an earthly doctor. The best doctor she could ever go see had already paid the price for her healing on the cross.

Thank you, Jesus!

God forgives all sins and heal all diseases. Psalms 103:3

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