The Space Between

Updated: Jan 21


The breeze was gentle as the sun began to set in the distance. I could already hear the musicians beginning their warm-up set near the bottom of the mountain, as others prepared for the kickoff event of our annual youth camp.  One hundred and twenty-seven students from 50 villages would soon converge on a grassy mountainside to hear the gospel for the first time. I wondered if they would even be able to stay awake since most of them traveled hours that day by foot to attend the camp.

On my way down the mountainside, I was met by our first-aid worker with three sick youth. One student was dehydrated, the other had a severe stomach ache and the other a toothache. One by one we prayed for them and one by one God instantly healed them.

As I finally made my way towards the musicians, three more leaders were approaching me with more sick students. Just like the three before them, God instantly healed them one by one.

Of those six students, there was one that I will never forget. Her name was Jasmine.

Jasmine waited patiently as I prayed for her two friends. I noticed she had been rubbing her hands together like she was anxious or cold. I knew she wasn’t cold in this 90-degree Philippines heat. When it was Jasmine’s turn, she explained that her palms were really itchy and painful.  I soon discovered why, as she folded her fingers into her hands and used her fingernails to scrape the red bumps on her hands and wrists.  She didn’t know what was causing the red, irritated infection in her hands, but the pain and itching felt unbearable.

I asked her to hold out her hands, palms up.  I placed my hands on top of her hands only inches apart, without fully touching her hands.  I prayed that the healing power of God would flow into her hands and wrists healing these red bumps and stop whatever was causing her pain.  

It felt like electricity as we both experienced the power of God in the small space between our hands. Tears began to stream down Jasmine’s face and I knew that she must be experiencing the same feeling.

A few moments later, I removed my hands and watched as Jasmine examined her hands. She was in so much shock she couldn’t talk. She looked back and forth at her hands and then at me with her eyes as huge as golf balls. I tried asking her multiple times if she felt any more pain or itching, but she just stood staring in amazement and almost disbelief at her hands. The red bumps were gone. God had healed her. Finally, I got a nod out of her and with that, I said, “Praise God, He healed you!” I hugged her and sent her into the service still in awe of God’s healing power.

Jasmine gave her life to the Lord that night, along with 75 other youth.

Thank you, Jesus!

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