Seeing is Believing

Updated: Nov 25, 2019


Her head was hanging so low and covered by her black silky hair, that I wasn’t sure how Valeria could see her next step as she slowly shuffled towards me and a friend. We could tell that she came wearing her best clothing and possibly the only nice clothing she owned. Through her shame Valeria explained how she could not read the assignments that her teachers were giving her at school.

Tears began to form in this young Mayan girl’s eyes as she continued, “The doctor said my eyesight is bad and reading glasses won’t even help me.”

I could barely see her eyes as her long, beautiful hair covered her face. “Can you look at me, Valeria?” I asked.

She raised her head with a smile as I explained how beautiful she was. We gave her a piece of paper to read, but she could not see the words. So, we prayed that the same God who healed the blind man would heal this teenager’s eyesight.

After prayer, we gave the paper back to her to read again. Soon rivers of tears flooded her face as she raised her head up high in awe. Valeria could now read the letters on the page before her. Not only did she receive her eyesight, she also received her confidence back.

God is still the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the God who heals.

Thank you, Jesus!

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