Pray Always, then Repeat

Updated: Nov 23, 2019


Before me stood a petite Honduran man. As he limped towards me, I could barely hear what he was saying because my focus was on his legs. One leg was extremely larger than the other. I soon found out that he had injured his knee the day before while hiking up a mountain.

A friend and I offered to pray for God to heal him, but nothing happened.

So we prayed again. The pain lessened, but he still limped.

So we prayed again. The pain lessened, but he was still limping.

So we prayed again. This went on until we had prayed almost 10 times.

Jesus prayed for the blind man several times before he was healed so we were following His example which proved to be working. By this time, he had very little pain and was walking comfortably around the room. I asked him, “Do you want to keep praying?” He said, “Yes. There’s still a little pain and I can’t bend my knee all the way back.” So, we kept praying until almost all pain was gone and he could bend his knee.

The next day I saw him with a bandage wrapped around his knee.

“What happened?,” I exclaimed. The pain came back and the flexibility got worse again. So, we prayed again. He was completely healed! No pain, no limping, complete movement of his leg. Nearly a month later, he was still healed. Thank you, Jesus!!

Most of you are probably thinking, “I would have been so embarrassed after praying the first time and nothing happening that I would have run away.” Well, to be honest with you, sometimes I feel that way too.

Then I remember when Jesus prayed more than once for the blind man in Mark 8:22-25. It’s okay to pray for someone more than once. If I’m sick and in pain, I want you to pray for me until I’m healed. Just like if I’m drowning, I want you to keep giving me CPR until I start breathing again. I want my belief in God’s healing power to be more than my fear of what man thinks me.

Have you ever experienced God healing someone? I would love to hear your story on our Contact Page.

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