No pain, no cane

Updated: Feb 2


Her face showed the intensity of her pain as she walked slowly towards me with the assistance of a stick that looked to be a cane. She explained how God had healed her eyes only the year before and she believed that God could heal her back and legs. So, with her faith and mine, we believed and prayed together.

The first time we prayed, she threw the cane on the floor about two feet away.

We prayed the second time and she started to walk away from me with a limp, but no cane for support. She said the pain was decreasing, but God wasn’t done.

We prayed a third time and we watched in amazement as her leg grew out.  Now she was walking without a limp and the pain had decreased a little more.

We prayed a fourth time and she started stomping her leg so hard on the ground that I thought she would surely throw out her leg again and we would have to pray again.

She walked away with no pain and no cane.

(She left her cane with me.)

Thank you, Jesus!

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