My Father is a Warlock


** WARNING: This content should be monitored for children under 18 years old. This story is true and contains acts of demonic rituals that may not be suitable for children. Parents are encouraged to read before allowing their children to read. Thanks. **

It had been less than 24 hours since I returned to my home village when I awoke to go to the Sunday church gathering. The worship was interrupted after the first song when a teenager started screaming & flailing her body around uncontrollably to cause a disruption in the service. I watched as people nearby watched not in amazement, disgust, or uncertainty like you would expect here in America. We all knew what was happening. She was possessed by a demon and it was currently in control.

I recognized this girl. Her name was Aimiti and she had been delivered from several demons during our time together in the previous weeks. Why was she being controlled by another demon? Why was this demon acting out in this church service?

Less than 24 hours ago, my team finished a six-week course teaching and mentoring youth from 50 surrounding villages as they discovered who God had created them to be through His Word. Some of them experienced salvation for the first time, while others continued in their spiritual growth through.....

  • Introduction to the Holy Spirit and listening to God's voice,

  • How to know the difference in God's voice, the enemy, and our own voices,

  • The importance of prayer and studying the Word of God,

  • Teaching on the gifts of the spirit and how to use them. We created a safe environment for them to use their gifts of the Spirit, like discernment, helping, teaching, healing, wisdom, the gift of knowledge, etc.

  • Training on how to deal with demon-possessed people, which was common in their villages.

  • Teaching in praying for the sick and seeing God heal them.

You know - the basic Christian principles. At the end of our six weeks together, the youth were prepared to return to their home villages to share the gospel with their families, friends, and community.

The first time I met Aimiti she told me her father was a warlock. She and six of her friends had been placed on an altar and sexually molested by her father and uncles while pronouncing curses over them. This awful ritual opened the door for many demons to enter Aimiti and her friends. They we’re very aware of what happened and wanted help to get rid of the demons.

During our week with them, every time a demon would manifest, we would pray and it would leave. One day, the demons in all six girls were manifesting at the same time. As we all stood in amazement, God spoke to one of the leaders and said, "Is this my atmosphere? Why are you allowing these demons to take over this atmosphere?" The leader said, "No, Lord! It is not!" So, she began leading worship and all the demons became silent and the girls regained control of their bodies.

Note: This may seem a little unreal to some who have never seen this but when demons manifest in people, it’s like the demon takes over their body and the person doesn’t actually know what is going on. So when I say they “regained control” that means that the demon relinquished control of the girl's body and the girls became coherent again.

As Amiti and her friends regained control of their bodies it was as if they had just awakened from a dream. After sharing with them what happened, they were all too familiar with these moments. The difference this time is we knew how to get rid of the demons.

We explained how God had given them more power over the demons, but the only way to use this power was to accept Jesus as their Savior. All the girls agreed to receive Christ as their Savior and when the demons returned, the girls used their newfound power in Jesus to rebuke the demons and close all doors once and for all. Amiti said she could see all the demons leave her. She and her friends returned home set free and delivered from the enemy's control over their lives.

The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. Romans 8:11

As a child of God, the demons no longer had a right or authority to live in Amiti and her friends, so why did she allow the demons to return? What door(s) did she open in that one night that allowed the demons control again? I knew why the demon was manifesting in this service? What all demons distract and cause fear.

They have no right to enter back into Amiti without her permission because she gave her life to Christ and told them to leave. Demons are not more powerful than Christians, so she had to open a door and invite them back into her life.

We will find out in the next blog post what doors Amiti opened and what happened when I confronted the demons and discovered why they came back.

To be continued.......

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