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Angel + Demons Series

“My teenagers are seeing demons in the house. They haven’t been able to sleep for months and I need someone to help us get these demons out of our house. Will you come pray with us?,” said Mike. As a single father he had enough stress of raising teenagers alone and now demons were threatening his peace. Myself and two other friends agreed to pray over his home.

Before we journey together into Mike’s home, let me share a bit of truth about demons. God created us all with a free will. (Galatians 5:13) You are free to live your life how you want. God sent his Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins so we can live life more abundantly, but we have a choice to accept that gift or deny it. God doesn’t force it on us.

So, if the creator of the universe doesn’t make us do what He wants us to do, then satan who does not have a smidge of the same power of God can’t control you either. We have to invite God into our lives. We also have to invite demons into our lives.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when we arrived at Mike’s house. We joined together in the living room to pray over the house, then walked from room to room praying over each space in the home. The kitchen, the laundry room, bathroom, then on to the teenagers rooms. We could definitely fill a difference in the two teenagers rooms. God revealed a few things that Mike needed to get rid of that may have opened a door for demons to enter their home. He removed them and the atmosphere changed in the first room. There was peace again.

As we entered the son’s room, I immediately noticed a poster on the wall of a famous wrestler. Not knowing the son well, I thought this was likely normal for most teenagers. When I looked at it something didn’t seem right. As I stared at it praying, I was intrigued by how the eyes looked as if they could pierce through your soul. I stood amazed at the talent of artists these days.

Moving on, I continued praying and walking to the other side of the room asking the Lord for direction. As I stopped on the opposite side of the bedroom, I could feel something looking at me. So I looked up to see the eyes on the wrestler had moved from the doorway to the opposite side of the room where I was standing. I immediately knew it was a demon. Just to test it because demons typically hide when the presence of God enters a room, I began to slowly walk back to the doorway. This time, I kept my eyes on the poster as I moved slowly across the room. Myself and the demon were in a staring contest, because I watched as its eyes followed me back to the door. Sneaky little demon. He thought he was hiding, but God revealed him.

I told Mike about the demon and now he had choice to make.

I can cast the demon out of the house, but when I leave the demon will return because this is not my house. It’s Mike’s house. The demon was invited by someone to live in the house. Mike had to be the one to uninvite the demon by removing the poster from the house, dispose of it, and tell the demon to leave.

Mike agreed and removed the poster after we prayed. He took the poster out to the back yard to burn it. When he set the poster on fire he said he could see the demon leave.

From that day forward demons stopped tormenting the teenagers and everyone could sleep again.

Thank you, Jesus!

Note: This story is not suggesting that all wrestling posters have demons hiding in them. We don’t know where hat poster came from or what was happening in the room. The poster is just where the demon chose to hide in this particular situation.

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