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There she was again standing at the door of the school room, like she was waiting for something. Every week I would attempt to speak to this nine year old Filipina girl and every week she would just stare at me. I could tell she wanted something, but she would never respond. She would just stand patiently staring at me. I finally started using my hands to communicate after discovering that she had not been able to speak or hear since birth. Every week my heart would cry out in compassion and I would say to myself, “Khristina, pray for that girl! God can heal her!” But every week, my complacency and fear of the unknown won and I walked away watching Rosa still unable to hear or speak.

One day while talking with a friend, she reminded me that God speaks to us about certain things in our lives and if we don’t obey, then He will move on and use someone else.

Immediately I thought of Rosa and I said, “Yes, Lord. I will pray for Rosa this week and believe that you are going to heal her.” How could I sit here in my comfortable ability to hear and speak, when God had given me the power and authority through Jesus Christ to lay hands on the sick and see HIM heal them. Rosa deserves to hear and speak just like everyone else.

I began praying for Rosa in my quiet time two days before we made our weekly trip to the village. While praying, I kept seeing a picture: “I would lay hands on Rosa, God would heal her and then she would scream due to the loudness of the sounds because she has never heard anything before.” So, I began to pray…. “Lord, heal Rosa in a way that does not cause pain.”

The day had finally come to drive out to the village. I looked for Rosa when we arrived, but she was nowhere to be found. After our class, I was putting things away and there she was sitting in a chair in the school room, like she was waiting on someone or something. My friend who knew sign language joined me as we asked Rosa if we could pray with her.

Everyone closed their eyes while I began to pray. Rosa couldn’t hear me, so the interpreter did not interpret my prayer. In the middle of my prayer, God told me to start snapping my fingers in Rosa’s ears. Sometimes God asks me to do the weirdest things when I pray for people, but He’s known for this type of behavior, like when Jesus spit in dirt to make mud and rubbed it in the blind man’s eyes.

As I began snapping my fingers in her ears, A HUGE SMILE FORMED on Rosa’s face. She then began to look back and forth at my fingers, she was hearing the clicking noise.

God was there, He was healing her. My friend began speaking to her and Rosa was understanding. My friend said, “I remember when I used to speak to Rosa and she would just set there and look at me because she couldn’t hear. She is not only hearing me, but she is answering me verbally. Praise Jesus!!”

Since we were in a school room, one of the other staff members began to call out numbers on the wall for Rosa to repeat. 1….2….3….4…..all the way to 10. Each time Rosa would respond and most of them were understandable.

Thank you, Jesus!

“Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:5

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