Crossing Denominational Lines

Updated: Jan 30


The paint was chipping on the weathered concrete structure as we entered the Ukrainian church. You would never guess this was where 100 people gathered every week, as it looked very different from most Western churches. I imagine in nearly 70 years of Communist rule, building church sanctuaries was not on their list of priorities. The lack of Western luster didn’t offend God because he showed up and showed out this particular day. After teaching for an hour about God’s desire to heal the sick and perform miracles, through my interpreter, I asked if anyone needed prayer for healing.

The first couple in line pastored a local Ukrainian church that teaches, “Healing is not for people today. Healing was something that Jesus and the disciples did in Bible times, but it was not meant for us to experience today.“

Pain will push you to limits where your only choice is to go against what you've been taught and try God.

The wife explained, “I’ve had severe back pain for five months. I realized during your teaching today that I had sin in my life. I repented of the sin while you were teaching and my back started to feel a little better, but the pain is still there. Can you pray for my back that God would completely heal me?”

My heart nearly skipped a beat as I listened to her next few words. I’ve heard these words many times. I have lived my life by these words until God revealed His truth to me. She said, “I think God is punishing me for my sin, that’s why I am in pain.”

WoW! Even now as I write down her words, I can feel her pain. Soon compassion for her overwhelmed me. “That is not true! That is a lie from the enemy, satan. God does not make people sick! God does not punish people with sickness,” I said.

Take a look a the scriptures below. Do you see a theme?

  1. “He forgives all our sins and heals all our diseases.” Psalms 103:3

  2. “Jesus spoke and the demons left them, and he healed all the sick.” Matthew 8:16

  3. “Jesus went everywhere in Galilee….preaching the good news….healing all the people’s diseases and sicknesses.” Matthew 4:23

It’s a three-letter word that we should repeat over and over as it pertains to healing. It’s the word "all". “ALL” means “every, wholly, entirely, completely, everything.” It doesn’t mean some people or just specific sicknesses, but ALL people and ALL sickness.

In Psalms 103:3, it says “He[God] forgives ALL your sins, and heals ALL your diseases.” So, the same faith that it takes for you to believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and receive Him as your Savior, is the same faith it takes to believe He can heal you. There is no magic method, formula, words, or actions that should be followed to receive healing from God. You only need to believe in faith. If you are a child of God, then you already have that faith. The enemy will immediately try to come in and create doubt by telling you lies. We have a choice to believe him and make his lies your truth or resist him and choose to believe God.

What if you don’t believe in the bible? Let’s take a look at these lies from a logical standpoint.

1. God doesn’t make people sick! Why? Because He’s not sick. You can’t give what you don’t have.

2. If sickness is from God and in some way this brings Him glory, why would it not bring Him more glory if we were even sicker?

3. Why would hospitals not be places of revival where people are giving their lives to Christ?

4. Do you have children of your own, nieces, nephews, etc.? If they were disobeying you, would you give them pneumonia, cancer, or some other disease until they did what you told them to do? NO, of course not. You would be arrested for child abuse and your children taken away from you. You love your children and would do anything to protect them and keep them safe. Often times sparing no expense to ensure their health and safety. If you have received the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, then you are considered a child of God. Why would he make you sick to teach you something? That’s just stinking thinking!!!

I could see the look of astonishment and hope on her face as I explained these truths. Could it be true? Could God really heal her?

She went on to explain her pain was so severe that she could only bend over at a ten-degree angle, which made it hard to pick up things, properly bend to sit in a chair and do everyday tasks. So, with her permission, I laid my hands on her back and prayed that God’s healing power would flow through her body and all muscles, tissue, ligaments, and bones would be restored to their normal length and strength.

Nothing happened.

I prayed again. Still, nothing happened.

Disappointment and embarrassment showed on their faces. I could tell that any belief they had for God’s healing was dwindling fast.

So I did what I always do when nothing happens…. I asked God.

“God, I don’t know what to do? These pastors have been taught that you don’t heal today, but I know you do! What do I do now?” Just as He always does, God answered me, “Ask the husband to lay his hands on his wife and have them pray together.”

“Just as He always does, God answered me.”

The pastor agreed and placed his hands on his wife’s back. Just as God had instructed, I did not touch her or him. I only led them in prayer together, again through my interpreter.

After we prayed, both the husband and wife slowly opened their eyes and I could tell there was something different. The wife bent all the way over and touched the floor, then walked over and picked up a chair. Tears began to flow freely down her face. Her husband kept asking her questions in Russian, but she wouldn’t answer him or my interpreter. She was in such a state of shock that she couldn’t speak. My interpreter said, “The husband is saying, ‘Is there pain? How are you? What’s going on?'”

I could see the answer in her eyes as she turned to look at me. It was as if the lies she believed for so many years were melting away. The truth of who God is, Jehovah Rapha, our healer, who is the same yesterday, today and forever, reflected in her tears.

Still in shock, she said in Russian, “Thank you. The pain is gone.”

Thank you, Jesus!!

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