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Angels + Demons Series

I remember her tears, her shock, and her joy. Meredith had been walking through a difficult season in her life. Her husband was addicted to alcohol which found her not just protecting herself, but also her 5-year-old son. Her husband was a good man and she loved him dearly, however, when he drank it felt like he became a completely different man than she married.

One day her son, Joseph, was playing in the living room when her husband came home. Joseph asked his daddy who the friend was that came home with him? Meredith was a bit perplexed because she didn’t see anyone enter the house and her husband was too inebriated to respond. As she looked into the front yard, she didn’t notice any friends or visitors entering the home, so she asked Joseph, “What friend are you speaking about?” Joseph said, “The one standing there,” pointing beside his Father. Joseph, Meredith, and her husband were the only people in the room. Meredith realized that “this friend” was not really a friend at all. It was a demon.

It was then that I experienced her tears and shock. Meredith is a godly woman and didn’t understand how this demon would be allowed in her home?

There are many ways demons are invited into homes, however, we will not camp out here today. Instead, let’s talk about what you can do and what Meredith did to remove the demon from her home.

Upon returned to their home that afternoon, Joseph immediately notified Meredith that this demon was hanging out in their living room. Meredith rebuked the demon and commanded it to leave in Jesus Name. Joseph said that it left the living room and went to the kitchen. For the next 20 minutes, Joseph led his mother towards the demon as it fled from room to room until it was gone. She then proceeded to walk around the edges of her property to set boundary lines in the spiritual realm. She prayed, “In Jesus Name, this is my property and no demonic presence is allowed on my property. Satan, I rebuke you and command you and your demons with you. You are no longer welcome here.”

Days followed and she asked Joseph several times if he had seen “daddy’s friend” and each time he confirmed that the “friend” had left.

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

The following week Meredith took Joseph outside to play in the front yard. She noticed that he was standing near the road, so she called for him to come closer to her. When he ran back to meet her, he said, “Momma, momma! Daddy’s friend was just talking to me. He was saying that he wanted to play with me. So, I told him I was not allowed to play in the road and asked him to come play in the yard with me. Momma, he said you told him he was not allowed to play in the yard or house anymore.”

This is when I experienced Meredith’s joy, which is free to you today.

Thank you, Jesus!

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