Better Than Plastic Surgery

My hair in the wind, my heart full of joy, and a million other cars on the road seemed like a dream come true at the moment. It had almost been a year since moving to the Philippines and since I had been on a motorcycle. We had dirt bikes here in the Philippines, but there was nothing like riding a full-size beast.

A fellow missionary had his Harley Davidson shipped from the USA to ride in the beautiful mountains on this tropical island. This particular day he was giving me a ride to a village and I was thankful for the break from crowded Jeepney's, exhaust from overcrowded roads accosting my nostrils, and weaving through traffic that created beautiful chaos.

After riding smaller dirt bikes for almost a year now, my mind skipped a beat as I stepped off the back and my bare leg melted against the searing hot pipes. My cries of pain were heard for days to come. I forgot that I needed to step out further when debarking this huge Harley compared to the smaller motorbikes I was used to riding. The top few layers of skin disappeared instantly and revealed a baseball size fourth-degree burn. No cream, medical procedure, or pain meds could help me escape the excruciating pain that I lived in for three days. I couldn't sleep, walk, or do anything but fight the tears of the pain.

One day at the mission base, I heard from the living room some friends worshiping. I joined them singing while someone played the guitar. Following an hour of worship, someone recommended that we pray and ask God to heal the wound and create new skin over this large area of my leg. I was game for anything that would make the pain go away.

As I reflect on the next few moments of this story, I still stand in amazement at the miracle God performed.

"And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well."

With our eyes open expectant to see a miracle we all began to pray as the guitar player worshipped in the background. God is not lacking in His promises of healing as we watched the baseball-shaped, fourth-degree, burn on my leg begin to shrink to the size of a tennis ball. In complete utter amazement, we started praying faster and faster hoping to see the miracle move faster. A shimmering glow began to form over the top of the burn and someone said, " skin is forming!" Not daring touch it for fear of more pain....wait...I noticed the pain was gone. I lowered my finger near the burn and lightly touched the top of the burn where I felt the new layer of skin developing. There was no scab, no blood, nothing but new tissue, cells, and skin forming. Over the course of the next hour, we watched it shrink to a golf ball size and then again until the burn was completely gone. God healed my leg, created new skin, and restored the nerves, epidermis, and skin cells to its normal condition. To this day there is no scare and no sign that there was ever a burn on my leg.

Thank you, Jesus!

"And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well." ~ James 5:15

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