Bagobo Tribal Spirits

Updated: Feb 2

Angels + Demons Series

“We are being tormented by evil spirits,” the Bagobo tribal people said, “Can you pray and get rid of them?” “Yes, of course, by the power and authority of Jesus Christ that has been given to us, we can tell them to go,” we explained.

This was our second visit to the Bagobo tribe and we felt honored they trusted us to help them. More than that, they trust the God of the universe who lives in us to help them. We began a prayer walk outside the school building through the homes. In each house, we prayed against the spirit of death that had been attacking their unborn babies and the tormenting spirits that kept the people from sleeping at night.

The last room we found ourselves in was about the size of a utility vehicle and within this room were four smaller rooms used for housing quarters. There was no bed, no pillow, and no shelf, only wooden slats that gave grace to the outside light that shined through the cracks. It may have been small, but to many, it had been a safe haven. One by one our team prayed through each room and left the shelter as I made my way into the last small room near the back of the structure.

… remember, as children of God, we walk by faith and not by sight. ~ 2 Corinthians 5:7

I took two steps into the room and immediately my head began to swim and I felt a heavy presence pushing down on my skull. I knew this spirit well because it was common in this country; it was the spirit of witchcraft.

As I began to pray and rebuke the spirit, a fellow missionary friend, Hannah, joined me in the room. We both continued to pray and soon the Lord began to show us other spirits that were present in this room…a spirit of lust, sexual immorality, and religion. I turned around to see, in the spirit, on the floor a young boy laying in the fetal position. I knew the Lord was showing me that ungodly things had occurred on this floor. I immediately heard God say, “Kneel down on the floor and begin praying.” As my knees began to buckle under me, I saw Hannah mirroring my moves. God had shown her the same boy on the floor. We cried out to God in prayer for the ungodly acts that had happened here.

Soon the floor started moving. I waited a few moments to be sure it wasn’t an earthquake, which was common here. After praying for about 10 minutes, I realized that it was not an earthquake. I asked my friend if she felt the floor moving and she confirmed she had felt it moving since she walked into the room. The shaking continued for longer than any earthquake. We continued to pray and eventually, the shaking stopped. We both agreed the room was feeling better spiritually.

Suddenly, we heard other team members calling our names from a distance. They were looking for us. When two of them entered the room, I asked if they felt or saw anything in the room? They saw a boy in the room, but none of the other ungodly acts. We were praising God that the things God had shown us were shown to them as well.

We decided to share this information with the tribal leadership and this is what they said, “There was a boy that lived in that room. He came to us looking for safety because the rebel military was trying to recruit him and he was scared. We tried to comfort him during the short time he was here, but he was unresponsive.”

God is so good. He showed four of us this young boy for a reason and we all prayed for him. We have never met him and we do not know where He is now, however, we do know the power of prayer.

The funny part of this story is what happened that night when I arrived back in my home village. Evidently we made satan mad because he was not happy with me.

When I arrived home, a demon was waiting for me in my room. I told it to leave and it left. A few hours later everything was quiet and still. I had just fallen asleep after a long day of travel and prayer. All of a sudden, my bed frame started moving from side to side like someone was scooting it across the floor… the right, then to the left while I was in it. I sat straight up in bed angry because I had been woken up and said, “You’ve got to be kidding me, right? Get out, IN JESUS NAME!” Immediately, the bed stopped moving and I fell asleep.

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