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Updated: Nov 23, 2019


I watched as the line of people in front of me grew longer and longer until it wrapped around the inside of these ancient church walls built in the 1800s. They weren’t waiting to see me, but to experience healing from the Ancient of Days. One by one, myself and a team of three Hungarian church members prayed for each person as God healed them of headaches, vision impairment, back pain, and other illnesses. An hour had past when I looked up to see Marian. She leaned heavily on a cane as she slowly walked towards us.

The interpreter explained how the pain was originating in the center of her left leg and went all the way up to her lower back. I asked if she would raise her slacks up so I could see for myself what she was sharing. She agreed and what I saw before me was something I had never laid eyes on in my life. From the center of her leg branched out multiple, deep, dark blue veins showing through her pantyhose. It looked like a New York subway mapped out on her pale skin. In complete awe of what my eyes beheld, I starred at her leg. I had never seen veins protruding like they were forming an identity of their own.

So I waited…not to allow more time for me to take in this site or to commit this moment to memory. Not to think about what I would say next or contemplate whether God was big enough to heal this woman.

I waited on the Lord.

She waited.

My interpreter waited.

Fifty people waited in line behind her for prayer.

We all stood awaiting the Lord’s instructions.


God said to me at that moment, “Khristina, I’m going to make those varicose veins retract back to the center and disappear.”

Upon those spoken words I knew it was time to move forward. With Marian’s permission, I knelt down on my knees and placed my hand on her back and leg then prayed for God’s healing power to consume her body and all sickness and disease to leave in Jesus Name. Myself and the other church members prayed by telling the varicose veins to retract back to the center and disappear, in Jesus Name. Immediately Marian shared that the back pain was gone, but she was still experiencing pain in her leg. So, we prayed again and all pain left her leg.

I inquired again about her leg appearance. We all watched intently as she slowly raised her pants to reveal that God did what he said he would do. All the varicose veins had disappeared. That which had taken an identity of its own was now completely gone and her pale skin looked new again with no sign of the dark blue veins. God healed her and restored the appearance of her leg. How much he loves us to heal us!

Thank You, Jesus!

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